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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

intro to social psychology (SP) =]

today is the 1st lecture (bkn tutorial) for subject psychology, atau lbh tepat lg social psychology. exitednyeee kelas tadi~!! =DD huhuhuohuohuohuo ^.^

mula2 mmg la exited gile mse nk stat, slps 1jam, aigoo~ 'terpaksa' membulatkan mata yg sememangnya bulat ni. ngantok gilee +.+ ~ dh la DS (dwn sarjana) 2 sejuk gile. haa, mmg best la tido kan~ hhhehehehhe =DD

aarrghh~!! ngantuknyeee ~~ +.+

Okay, today i'll b ur lecturer. i'll give brief explanation about this =]

what is social pyschology (SP) ?
based on oxford advanced learner's dic, social psychology is the study of people's behaviour, attitudes, etc.., in society.
wikipedia : social psychology is the study of the relations between people & groups.

there is diff between sociology & social psychology.
sociology focuses on large group of people/society as a whole while social psychology focuses on d behaviour of individuals. (means that sociology, based on society. while SP individualy)

oke, stkt ni msti korg dh fhm + dh tau pnye kan~ bkn ssh, tnye je atok google. (pnt2 ko taip, athirah oOoii) ^^"

psycho or genius mind ? =DD

1) actions & characteristics of, person
2) cognitive processes
3) enviromental variables
4) cultural context
5) biological factors

1st factor :-

Normally, people in a certain group will tend to follow the values in the group. we called this as HERD MENTALITY (trying 2 keep up with the trend) often affected by physical appearance of others.
boleh fhm kan faktor prtama ni ? =]

2nd factor :-

to understand people's behaviour in social situation, we MUST UNDERSTAND what their thinking about such situation. means that, this cognitive processes is the process of thought. it's refers to our brain (MIND).
e.g : usually, u must think b4 u react, right ? so, 'think b4 REACT' is d cognitive process. got it ? =D
correct if me wrong * hhhehehehhee ^.^

3rd factor :-

physical environment does influence our feelings, thoughts & behaviour.
ni sng nk fhm kan ? x fhm tnye atok google =D gehhhehe

4th factor :-


5th factor :-

biological factors play an important role in our social behaviour. Evolutionary psychology (EP) a branch of psychology* seek to investigate the potential role of genetic factors in various aspect of human behaviour.there is 3basic component of EP, which is, VARIATION, INHERITENCE & SELECTION.
nak tau lbh lnjut, pg kt link ni lah yee >>evalutionary psychology

Sorry, pnt lak nk explain. klau korg btl nk tau, msti korg bkk pnye link tu kan.
hhehehhhe~~ jgn mara aa, nnt kne jual =DD

baru 'study' sket dh pngsan. aigoo~

alright. that's all for today.. class, u may dismiss now~ huehuehuheu =DD

''dan sungguh, telah Kami berikan hikmah kpd Luqman, iaitu ''bersyukurlah kpd Allah ! dan barangsiapa bersyukur (kpd Allah), maka sesungguhnya dia bersyukur utk dirinya sendiri; dan barangsiapa yg tidak bersyukur (kufur), maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha-kaya, Maha Terpuji."
[Surah Luqman ayat 12]

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